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pictured above: radfem transphobia inflated to the point of paranoid delusion




Excuse me, I have to go cis me some cissies.


“woman hating religion”. WUT?

I’m stuck between surprise (i mean, I’m used to radiscum but this is special even for them), anger and dying of laughter.

So we’re clear a google search for “cis prefix” doesn’t turn up anything about cutting or killing or anything. Because, when used as a prefix, cis does NOT mean to cut or kill. ever. As a suffix and variant of ‘cise’ it can have that meaning, but cisgender/cissexual/cissexist don’t use it as a suffix. This isn’t open to interpretation and is not debatable. It just is. Like, it’s the only definition in the dictionary. Which dictionary? Any of the ones that have an entry for it.

 ”words don’t just mean what [one] wants them to.” Neither do parts of words.

BONUS logic trolling: If trans means to ‘cross over’ and, in the context of ‘trans women’ means ‘women who cross over’ and ‘cis’ means ‘cut’ or ‘kill’ (it doesn’t, by the way,) then, by your logic aren’t ‘cis women’ ‘women who cut or kill?’ N/M I don’t care what you think because you suck at thinking.

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    Holy shit. I almost failed Latin 101 and I know that’s not what fucking cis means.
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    SISSY (CISSY) MAKES ALL THE MORE SENSE NOW!! It’s like an epiphany. When you call a boy a sissy, or cissy, that’s why...
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    This makes exactly as much sense as the “Nova means No Go” urban legend.That is to say, none at all.
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    BRB HITTING THAT IDIOT OVER THE HEAD WITH A DICTIONARY. I’m not sure what angers me more here - saying such hateful,...
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    As someone who studied Latin for 5 years….I’m dying. I’m actually dying. As we speak, my organs are shutting down, my...
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    trigger warning for transmisogyny [Image: A forum conversation. Subject: So What Does Cis Really Mean? First post: Cis....
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